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Click through for the last THEM meeting of the year. Also party info is here!Collapse )

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Ascension to lesser chaos - 6:10

occifer reports
lackey - as soon as we elect people, he'll registrate us
scribbler - calc tests rock
slime - school suck, but she don't care

welcom wagon - Channing is a junior math and engineering major... referred by Leah.  Joe is a baker visiting from foreign lands.
website - all is more or less well... there are formal dinner pics up  now
library - come check out books... they're now sorted.
LJ - still exists
anime reviews - themanime.org is a huge review website run by us (or THEM)

anime night - Duckie's taking anime night back.  NGE will be watched at some point to be determined.
THEMmen - exists for men to be manly... but is on a long and long-honored hiatus.
THEMfem - exists for women to do womanly things...but is currently on hiatus
outdoors - nothing over summer... exists to be outdoorsy.
gaming - is a front for The Gaming Society.  They'll have their last meeting in ECA 219 from 5 to 9 PM (tomorrow).  For gamin over summer, a bunch of TGSers will be organizing fun stuff over summer.
THEMfit - Talk on LJ for summer plans
Movies for Noobies - there might be some stuff over summer: Keep your eyes on the LJ.
Movie Night - will *maybe* exist over summer.
Activities - there will be fingerpainting during finals out on Hayden Lawn from morning until about 5 pm. Contact Leah ASAP to be helpful and maybe get some free food in the process. There ought to be an LJ post about it by which for you to contact Leah.
The End of Year Party is to be held at Mos Eisley where there will be a pool and much fun/excitement.  It will be on Saturday the 8th.  There may be burgers and hotdogs available... don't count on it, though. You should try to bring meat (or elsewhat) for yourself and snacks to share

Old Business
T-Shirts - only 1 unclaimed t-shirt... NOT FOR SALE

New Business



Motion to accept all nominations by acclimation put forth by Dave, seconded by everyone.
passed 18 to 4
A------ abstained from the vote

pennies - $7.90
nickels - $14.35
dimes - $18.80
quarters - $50.75
singles - $9
fivers - $5
TOTAL - $105.80

5 seconds
duckie - loves the delicious fishes
Abilash! - is only 2 hours into FFXIII thanks to thesis work
Gumby - the saga of Leah's panties (AKA - why I was late today) you can find out too; just ask.
Lauren - shit... ummm... is graduating [applause]
Mike - when will there be the saga of our panties
tony - wishes finals were this week
Roy - has 1000 dollars with lots of restrictions
roy's mom - doesn't know what wer'e doing
grant - zug zug
Coco - ummm
Theresa - national Poem in your Pocket day is tomorrow
Dave - the airport's comm center is overly Juvenile... there was a page for Oliver Klosoff
brandy - loves dresden
goose - brandy is losing the war to rive him crazy
sarah - has job prospects and will NOT be homeless
Joe - still doesn't know what's going on
Kalin - may be homeless this summer
Tigger - the view from 15 stories up is awesome
Jimmy - got to configure a WRT54g to work with a T1
Rachel - has no finals and graduates
Steve - his brain is dead
Leah - Prepare for trouble [AND MAKE IT DOUBLE yada yada.]
Wyatt - ditto
Snuggles - tried paying for parking... someone in DC is using his info shipping stuff from overstock.com across the globe
Kevin - yesterday was fun.


Meeting adjourned 7:03

THEM acronym suggestions
To hiphop, exist modestly.
To hamper echidna machinations
To help evil minors
Them hem em m
Twinkly hemoglobin eaters (Eff you, S.) Meyers
Terrifying hamsters eat megaphones
Tempe has excellent munchies
Tell cHanning He's awesoMe

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so it turns out I'm a superhero.... who knew, right? Next step, I suppose, is to come up with some sort of new and original name and costume.  Please submit any ideas by secure dead drop at the predetermined location to dissociate my heroic persona from my alter-ego (or just by comment here).

Also, Baccano! is an awesome exciting show; thank you kindly, Katie, for lending it to me.

best russian poem I've found of late (and my new favorite):

the poem: first transliterated, then the original, then my translation.Collapse )

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage
A friend of mine from Russia found this the other day.... it said of all the celebrities in its database, she looked most like Jean Claude Van Damme.... behind the cut is who I apparently look like.... I can see Jason schwartzman a little, but the rest are way off

HAHAHA, click this, it's funnyCollapse )




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